Cloud Solutions - worth it?
The technology is moving to cloud every day. More and more software and services are being developed in the cloud, bounding everyone to our internet connection on one hand and increasing performance and accessibility on the other. Is it bad or good? Well, cloud solutions have both pros and cons, but we firmly believe that cloud internet software development equals future. That’s why we think it’s very important to know more about it.

To start with, you need to understand what does “cloud” mean, because we’re definitely not talking about nature here. Cloud, or cloud computing, is the type of computing that is based on on-demand sharing of computer resources and data via internet connection to other internet-enabled devices, i.e. phones, tablets, other computers. Which means that all the data processing and/or storing is happening on the remote computers (servers) allowing us to do things that our devices wouldn't be able to handle otherwise. This opens up an incredibly wide range of possibilities. When talking about cloud most people will think only about services like Dropbox or Google Drive, but in reality, we have a lot of less obvious examples like web email services (Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc.) or IBM Solutions and many many more.

Cloud - Pros:

When it comes to cloud software we can talk a lot about the possibilities it opens up for us.

Cost efficiency
One of the most important ones is reducing costs for the company. There no more need to buy and install your own dedicated servers and costly high-performance devices for your employees. Renting a cloud server are getting cheaper and cheaper as well as the storage available. Some companies already offer you unlimited storage forever.

Secondly, cloud solutions give you access from all kind of internet-enabled devices from anywhere in the world, as long as you can find an internet connection. Every single picture, video or important documents are available in a matter of single touch. This allows you to forget about geographic and time zone issues.

Easy backup and recovery
Thirdly, data recovery is fairly easy and you can set it up to backup the data every now and then. Its simplicity cannot be compared to any other traditional data storage.

Data centralisation
The fourth advantage of cloud solutions is data centralisation. It means that you can store data from multiple projects in one place and still have access to everything no matter where you are.

Cloud solutions - Cons:

No matter how great the advantages of cloud solutions are, they are still not the ideal.

Internet addiction
One of the biggest disadvantages is dependent on the internet connections. If you lose it - you lose everything, because nothing is stored on your device. Of course, there’s a solution for this issue present in many cloud applications - offline mode. For example, in Google Drive, you can pick which files you’d like to be downloaded and stored offline.

Security risks
Another important reason is security. You need to verify if you cloud services provider works with well-known data centers to make sure your data is secure, monitored and encrypted. Because you’re going to give your company’s sensitive data to a third-party cloud service provider. Latest Wana Decrypt0r ransomware catastrophe proved once again how important cybersecurity is and how vulnerable we can be.

Prone to cyber attack
Choosing cloud-based storage over local servers could potentially put your company at risk. We all know that there’s no hack-proof system. If it’s connected to the internet the chances are growing


As we said in the beginning - cloud solutions have their pros and cons, so you need to think twice before choose if it’s right for your company, but we believe future is in the cloud. That’s why we’re working on creating a cloud app for one of our clients - Futurenet Cloud.


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